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Rook Digital’s mission is to execute, train, and teach world-class digital marketing services so that our clients dominate their industries. Rook Digital is dedicated to ensuring everyone with whom we come into contact is better able to identify and avoid the charlatans and snake oil salesman that plague our industry.

Why Pick Rook Digital For Your Organization?

The short answer: Because we have a proven track record, and we don't mess around. We love working with businesses of all sizes and we know how to help business owners like you take advantage of proper, high-quality, SEO and Internet Marketing strategies to grow your organization to the level you want it to be at. With over ten years working as eCommerce entrepreneurs, agency sales reps, fulfillment team members, account managers, and in house SEO teams, we know the ins-and-outs of our industry and quite frankly: It's disgusting.

I've Been Ripped Off Before. How Are You Different?

We've seen business owners like you get handed the raw end of a bad deal because fly-by-night agencies and marketers hide behind fake metrics and garbage data. They use big words to make you feel like they know what they're doing, but when it really comes down to the key metrics (leads and sales) they pretend they can't control that. We've seen businesses of every size taken advantage of, and odds are you are being ripped off as you read this.
"We've seen businesses of every size taken advantage of, and odds are you're being ripped off as you read this."
That drives us nuts, and we don't want to see you or anyone else get taken advantage of. That means we educate everyone from lead to longterm client. You should be empowered to know how this works, what metrics to pay attention to, and how to use third party analytics and data tools to really make sure you are getting what you pay for.

How Can I Know You're Different Than My Last Marketing Agency?

Our industry changes all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to be left behind when it does. We would love to schedule a free one-on-one audit and consultation with you to make sure you know the "State of the Union" regarding your website and give you practical guidance on how to improve things on your own, and if we're a good fit, we'd love to help you dominate your market. Either way, we're happy to serve you and look forward to making sure you get the most out of your Internet Marketing budget.

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Phil Hudson


Phil Hudson started from the ground up learning Internet Marketing as he worked for a Top 10 SEO firm from the call center all the way to their senior account manager. A firm believer in education, Phil's emphasis is on helping businesses grow by learning.

Over the last decade, Phil Hudson has launched multiple eCommerce businesses and lead generation websites in addition to growing Rook Digital.

Phil was a Robert Redford Scholar at studied Screenwriting in Santa Fe, NM, his passion in life.

Phil lives in Los Angeles, CA and volunteers with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and The Sundance Institute where he works as a translator for Latino filmmakers.

Paul Gonzalez

Vice President
Digital Marketing Strategy

Paul Gonzalez has over a decade of experience in the world of Digital Marketing including Google Maps Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, eCommerce and business development.

As the VP of the Digital Marketing Paul develops cutting edge strategies and techniques to help business grow, providing our clients success in an ever-expanding technical world.

If you can’t find Paul in Provo, UT where he lives, you might try looking for him & his family in central or south America stomping through jungles in search of lost cities.  At home he’s spent time as communications chairman for the largest Boy Scouts of America district on the planet, volunteered for Operation Underground Railroad, spends time at Crossfit, in the great outdoors,  and runs his own e-commerce websites among other things.

Rich Henrich

Vice President
of Business Development

Rich Henrich has a full background in the advertising and marketing world. Having worked in more traditional advertising campaigns ranging from luxury car brands to "The Governator" himself, his expertise in helping build and grow businesses is a huge plus to Rook Digital clientele.

Rich is passionate about business and film, having worked as an Emmy award winning & nominated screenwriter and director. He is often involved in educating young artists through his foundation Film4Change, and working on producing feature films on social topics.