Rook SEO

Est. 2014

Rook Digital, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, was founded in 2014. Although Co-Founders Phil Hudson & Paul Gonzlez, our founding partners, had been involved in the industry for years prior, Rook Digital grew out of a demand from buisnessess just like yours.

In 2013, while volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival, Phil Hudson was offered a scholarship to fulfill his dream of becoming a Hollywood Screenwriter. He left the Top 10 Digital Marketing agency where he was employed as a Senior Account Manager and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study Screenwriting.

After his non-compete expired, Phil's clients began calling, demanding he take them back on his as clients. Phil obliged and Rook Digital, then called Rook SEO, was born.

At the same time, Paul Gonzalez was actively working on different eCommerce projects and managing his own load of Local SEO clients. Phil and Paul would exchange tips and tricks, and then it became clear it was ridiculous to divide their attention and efforts.

From their early days on the sales floor of an eCommerce training company and Digital Marketing Agency, they had always worked better together. That's where Rook Digital got its start.

Paul and Phil teamed up with friend and colleague Rich Henrich who came with history of traditional advertising and worked in the early days of the first dot com bubble. As a filmmaker and producer, Rich comes armed with experience marketing film festivals, films, gubernatorial campaigns, and has even won two regional Emmy's and a national Telly award.

Rook Digital

2020 - Now

During the first six years as an agency, Rook focused primarily on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, skilled in Google PPC, Microsoft Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads). Why?

Because our thought was, "Focus on what we do best. Refer our clients to friends we trust to take care of them."

In 2020 when the Global Pandemic hit, we quickly realized that we had been underserving our clients. Most of our clients wanted to work with us. They wanted us to provide them with more services. We were shutting them down.

We started taking on a few clients and implementing our new suite of services. We wanted to ensure that we could serve our clients at just as high a level with Facebook Ads as we could with SEO. It turns out we could.

In 2023, Rook Digital is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, and we are fully capable of helping businesses just like yours utilize our full suite of tools and services to help you dominate your industry. We do that through what we call an Integrated Marketing Strategy (IMS), where we utilize every existing asset you are generating to ease the burden of reach, acquisition, and conversion (bringing you more customers).

If you're interested in taking your business to that next level, we invite you to sign up for a Free Digital Marketing Audit so we can assess your needs and help you build a marketing strategy that works for you.

We can't wait to help your organization do amazing things. That is, after all, what Rook Digital does.