Google Core Algorithm Update

Google Core Algorithm Update Happening Now

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Yep… It’s happening again.  It looks like Google started another core algorithm update on May 4th.   May 2020 Core Algorithm Update The last time Google ran its core algorithm update was back in January this year and it had a major effect on local businesses.  From our analysis, it looked like Google was really making an attempt to get …

Mad Scientist of Digital Marketing

82 and 68 – What the experts say about Google My Business

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For years I worked for digital marketing companies that sold local SEO services but didn’t really pay any attention to the client’s Google My Business listing.  I said it was a big deal, but the bosses said no.  Sadly, those same companies are still using the same old, moldy strategies for their local business clients and they still wonder why …

Did You Aim At The Wrong Target? Importance of Keyword Research for Local Business

Did You Miss The Right Target – Keyword Research for Local Business

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I spoke with a number of business owners this week that felt they were doing well with their local marketing.  “We rank number 1 for our search phrase!  But I’m not getting nearly as many calls as my friend in the business and he doesn’t rank nearly as well.  What’s going on?”   Actually, this is a pretty common question, …

They Say SEO Is Dead, But Is It?

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SEO Isn’t Dead, You Just Have to Do It Right For the past several years I keep hearing over and over and over again how SEO is dead, and SEO is going no where. As a student of Search Engine Optimization, I have had to disagree with them, but I’ve always wondered if that’s because I depend on it for …