San Diego, CA Digital Marketing & Film Scholarship

At Rook Digital, we're passionate about what we do.

Digital Marketing has always been about telling a compelling story and reaching the right audience.

While words and websites will always be important, technology continues to shift toward film and video.

We're passionate Storytellers

We're passionate about story with a majority of our team having experience in film, television, new media, or creative writing.

That's, why, we want to help inspire the next generation of storytellers by offering scholarships in key communities we call home. 

As a San Diego Digital Marketing Agency, we're proud to offer a Digital Marketing and Film Scholarship right here.

digital marketing and film scholarships

Scholarship Details

Awarded By: Fall '23

Award Amount: $1,000

As a digital marketing agency, and avid filmmakers, we value story, and we know how important it is in both mediums.

We're honored to give back to our local San Diego, CA, community by offering a $1,000 scholarship to help emerging storytellers learn their craft and make an impact in the world.

If you've got something to say, we want to hear it.

Rules & Regulations

No essays generated via artificial intelligence will be accepted.

All application requirements must be fulfilled to be considered.

Everyone who meets the requirements is welcome to apply regardless of race, religion, creed, nationality, sexuality, income level, or any other factor. Don't assume you won't win. We want to hear from everyone.

Scholarship Requirements
  • Attend school in the San Diego, CA area

  • Be enrolled in a digital marketing or film program (declared major is fine)
  • Choose an essay topic from this page.
  • Film and post your video essay to YouTube
  • Link back to this page in your video description
  • Complete the application form on this page.

Essay Topics

Shoot a 3-5 minute video essay about one of these topics:

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Storytelling

The Impact of Short Form (60 Seconds or Less) Vertical Video on Storytelling

The Impact of the 2023 WGA Writers Strike on Film & Television

The Impact of Storytelling In Advertising

Scholarship Submission