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Power Hour Lunch

In July, we had the pleasure of speaking at the Savannah Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council Power Hour Luncheon. We discussed "The Fundamentals of SEO" and did our best to make sure that businesses like you were able to discern between a good Internet Marketing Agency and a "snakes oil" salesman. We are very familiar with the shady practices in our industry and have found it our mission to educate our clients so they know exactly what they should look for when considering an Internet Marketing agency.

Below you will find a recording of that presentation, and the slides we used during the presentation. We're also aware that this stuff can seem like Greek to the normal business owner, so we are putting together detailed articles covering every topic we discussed in our session. To receive those, simply join our mailing list by filling out the form below and we will get those over to you as soon as possible. Do you have any questions about anything here? Feel to call Rich Henrich who lives there in Savannah and can get you some answers.

To all the members of the Chamber, thank you for letting us share a little bit of our knowledge with you. We love your hospitality, kindness, and warm welcomes. Thank you.

-The Rook SEO Team

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