Search Marketing During Coronavirus: How to Improve Your SEO

We are all facing challenges during this unprecedented time as we adjust to life around COVID-19. The businesses we own, manage or work for, may not be open or maybe adjusting operations to keep serving the community and keep revenue coming in. Health concerns have shifted how we interact, how we conduct business and how we must change our operations to stay in business. Some businesses have already closed or have lost so much revenue it may not seem possible to find a new business model to follow. Despite all of the challenges, we must find a way to continue to conduct our business and serve our clients, customers, and communities.

This is a unique time to find new opportunities to adjust, to take time and create a new process for how you reach your clients or customers. Perhaps, you have been planning to invest more in the digital side of your business but now you fear that you don’t have the money. Well, you likely have the time you need to learn what you need to do to help your business improve your digital marketing plan. Whether you have created a website or a Facebook page or ventured into YouTube or Instagram or Twitter, chances are you can benefit greatly from this downtime to tune up your digital marketing knowledge. Maybe it’s time to understand how e-commerce can become a powerful sales force that works 24/7 and never asks for a raise or vacation days- not even sick days. E-commerce will be an incredible hire for your company and help drive more sales through your doors, especially in this time of social distancing and the forced closer of “non-essential” businesses.

One area most small businesses and enterprise businesses and even many of the most established corporate companies do not understand is Search Engine Marketing.

In the world of Search Marketing, many people are not certain how this pertains to their business. However, how often do you pull up Google and type in the product, service or type of store you are looking for- usually “near me” as you want to purchase within the next day or two. This is SEARCH MARKETING! And as much as you may think that the internet is all about online businesses, you have just participated in your own study that proves to have your business online with proper search engine optimization, leads to generating local-based business within minutes to hours of a search. Is your business optimized for clients and customers searching for you?

Rook SEO is a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and E-Commerce solutions to help small businesses grow and prosper.

We promise to not speak technical gibberish and educate you so you understand the principles behind the Google Machine so you can understand the strategies and tactics we apply to lift your business above the competition. Please schedule a free website analysis or consultation with one of our experts so we can get your revenue stream flowing once again and improve profitability beyond your current projections. Historically, the businesses that remain aggressive with marketing spending during a downturn in the economy outpace their competitors who make deep cuts and tend to outperform the competition in the long run. We look forward to helping you increase revenue! Calling Rook SEO will be the best way to spend your time during a virus outbreak.