Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) are one of the most successful ways to reach new customers, retarget people who've interacted with your business, and establish a brand.

The problem: most agencies and businesses have failed to adapt to the privacy updates that came after the iOS 14.5 update in 2021.

If you're here, rest assured, we've can handle this for you.

How Our Facebook
Services Work

Facebook Ads allow you to serve ads to specific demographics, psychographics, or people who have expressed interests in what you do. Beyond traditional ads, you can also use the Meta Pixel to gather data about people who visit your physical store, your website, interact with your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Using the data from your own servers, you can tie those visitors back to a Facebook or Instagram user and serve specific ads to warm them up, stay top of mind, recover abandoned carts, and even offer new services after a purchase.

There truly are few better places to invest your advertising dollars than Meta/Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Budget-Based Pricing

Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) are a profound way to recapture lost sales, reach new audiences, and build a brand online. While most agencies have a la carte options that serve them, our transparent billing model reflects the scope of work associated with your ad spend.



In order to have any real chance of making an impact with Facebook Ads, you should plan on a budget of at least $1,000/mo in ad spend, in addition to a management fee.
$1,000/mo + 15% of Spend

+ $1000 Setup Fee



In order to have any real chance of making an impact with Facebook Ads, you should plan on a budget of at least $1,000/mo in ad spend, in addition to a management fee.
$3,000/mo + 13% of Spend

+ $3,000 Setup Fee



In order to have any real chance of making an impact with Facebook Ads, you should plan on a budget of at least $1,000/mo in ad spend, in addition to a management fee.
$5,000/mo + 10% of Spend

+ $5,000 setup Fee

First, Own Your Data

Odds are, you don't even have the Meta Pixel installed on your website. If you do, are you using the conversion API to transfer your first and zero-party data back to Facebook? Probably not.

Before you can be successful with Facebook Ads, you need to make sure you're gathering the right information, actions, and conversions and feeding that back to Facebook.

Second, Know Your Audience

As privacy updates block more and more 3rd party data (end-user data), traditional audience development is dying, and with good reason. No one wants their privacy invaded while we browse the web. That doesn't mean that audiences don't matter.

On the contrary, audiences matter more than ever in Facebook Ads. We need to build audiences that capture every interaction your users voluntarily make on your website, across your social media, and even in your brick-and-mortar location (where applicable).

Third, use the right Ads

Now that we have clean data and a clear audience, we need to use Facebook Ads machine learning to get the right advertising message to the right customer at the right time. How do we do that?

We use your potential customer's behavior to pool your audiences into cold (new to you), warm (familiar), and hot (ready to buy) segments.

Next, we help you generate specific ads that get the right message to your audience where they are, all while staying top of mind with "ethical propaganda" that convinces them to know, like, and trust you.

Positive ROI.

As a Facebook Ads Agency, Rook Digital knows we are stewards of your advertising dollars. We treat every penny as if it was our own and use strict KPIs to know when to spend more and when to slow down

We use custom Facebook Ads reports and dashboards to dial in our strategy and get you the end results that you care about: ROI.

Recently, we helped a business consulting client generate a 67 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) on a holiday offer. That's not a typo.

What could you do with a Facebook Ads agency that knows what they're doing?

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