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Local SEO Atlanta

Local SEO means ranking in Atlanta where your local customers are looking for you in search engines.

Your website is key to the process, but so are your map and directory listings.

We'll help you dial in a cohesive strategy that leads to local domination so you an become the trusted expert at what you do right where you live.

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How Our Local SEO
Atlanta Services Work

Local SEO is the process of improving and operating your website in a way that search engines like Google and Bing like. In 2008, the CEO of Google called the Internet a "cesspool of information" and went on to say they view their job as sorting through the crap to find the gold.

Atlanta Local SEO services dial in your site, your online presence, and your map listings to be unified, cohesive, and targeted toward the things your potential customers are looking for. All of those things matter to Google, don't just focus on one.

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First, dial in your Website

Your website is the single most important factor to get you ranking in Google Maps al over Atlanta. In a world of no click searches we have to think of every property you have, and that includes your website.

Our process starts with a complete audit, recommended site changes, keyword research, and optimized content. We then layer in SCHEMA markup and tie it all back to your Google Maps listing which shares the same quality message that you deserve to rank at the top of a Search Engine.

Second, Own The Maps

After your website is dialed in, we turn to your Map listings. With Google promoting no-click searches, the average website saw 30% less traffic in 2022. That's because Google wants to show your information in Google and keep your Atlanta, GA customers with them.

We'll tighten up and develop your map listing to correspond with and verify the information on your website, ensure you're in the right categories, and tie that all together with an extensive local citation and directory campaign that confirms you are who you say you are. Next, we need reviews.

Third, control your Reviews

Since 2012, Google has put a tremendous emphasis on consumer feedback, and reviews have become the primary driver of quality in Google Maps listings. Although you have to dial in your website and fully build your map listing, you'll stand out from your competition when the reviews start coming in.

We'll help you build a strategy, including access to tools like Add New Reviews software, to quickly grow your Google Business Profile reviews and stand out to your potential customers and Google.

More Leads & Sales.

As an Atlanta, GA Local SEO Agency, Rook Digital understands the value of high-quality leads because that's what we rely on. The good news is that compared to a National Brand, local businesses can see between 5-15% conversions on their lead gen and 5-10% on their sales.

There is an engrained trust in a local Atlanta businesses, and after the global COVID-19 pandemic, American consumers are learning to rely on local businesses rather than the global supply chain. We want to support local, and consumers are just looking for a trusted partner they can rely on.

It's our job to make sure your potential customers know that trusted partner is you.

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A Message From Our CEO

Who Is Rook Digital?

Our Local SEO Agency has helped hundreds of Atlanta businesses just like yours change their businesses and become that local expert your community relies on.

Unfortunately, we've also learned that most of our clients have been ripped off by a Digital Marketing agency at some point.

We're committed to chasing out the snakes oil salesmen and charlatans that plague our industry. 

Take a moment to watch this video and learn more about our mission.

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The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second is now. Your business is missing out on vital time to establish yourself in your market and reach your ultimate goal: market domination.

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