They Say SEO Is Dead, But Is It?

For the past several years I keep hearing over and over and over again how SEO is dead, and SEO is going no where. As a student of Search Engine Optimization, I have had to disagree with them, but I’ve always wondered if that’s because I depend on it for my livelihood. As part of my personal mantra, I believe that ethical and moral values are important at all times, especially in business. So, I’ve had an internal struggle about whether or not I am lying to people when I take their money in exchange for SEO consulting and fulfillment.

The truth is, I would never offer a product or service to anyone, regardless of how much money I would earn in the process. If you paid close attention you will note that I didn’t say “make” I said “earn”. That’s a pretty big distinguishing factor in my mindset. Ever since I first heard “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale when I took my first sales job, I realized that you really can’t “make” money, that’s counterfeit. In fact, I actually heard about in a parable told by Robert T. Kiosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad when my first mentor gave me the book to read in high school.

The truth is I believe in SEO. I have personally seen it generate $300,000 in sales in one year on an ecommerce website I was a part of (and did all the SEO on). I have seen it generate millions of dollars in sales for companies like Discount Tire, Foxit Software, and more. The truth is, it works, and I know that even in a post Panda or Penguin age. So that is why when I left the Internet Marketing agency I previously worked at, I decided that offering those same services to clients similar to the ones I had was the right move for me.

Why Am I Writing This Blog Post About SEO?

Quite frankly, I’m writing this because my testimony of SEO was reaffirmed today. You see I put so much of my time and effort into my client’s websites that I barely spend any time on my own. Now that I just finished another semester in film school, I realized that I needed to get back to my roots, work on ecommerce like I love doing, and really help my SEO company, ROOK SEO, grow outside of just referrals. So I sat down, dug in and started looking at the data and wow was I shocked.

RookSEO Analytics Screenshot from Mar 1, 2015 to May 23, 2015

Analytics for from Mar 1, 2015 to May 23, 2015 on a weekly basis.

I’m averaging over 1000 people a month to my site currently, and all I did was some basic On Page SEO last fall with zero link building. I next added my sites back into rank tracking software and again, I was shocked to find out that I’m ranking on phrase related to my industry from just some on page SEO without any link building.

first page ranking for comparison shopping engine training in google

I checked on my SEO today and sure enough it works. As of today I rank page one, spot five for “Comparison Shopping Engine Training” in Google.

So after seeing this, I can say my testimony in SEO has been revitalized. I’m reaping the same fruits I provide for my clients and can stand before anyone and prove to them that Search Engine Optimization is still a real and vital form of Internet Marketing. Traffic comes, and if you are set for conversion, conversion come too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Search Engine Optimization, shoot me a message or hit me up on twitter: @phudson. If you want me to perform a free website audit on your site, reach out or fill out Free Website Analysis form and we can get in touch to go over your website directly.

Either way, I’m pumped and looking forward to even greater success moving forward.

Thanks again,
Phil Hudson
Your Friendly Neighborhood Internet Marketing Dude.